Over the years we have acted as a resource centre for many clients, associates and fellow professionals.

There are so many elements to consider when contemplating managing an event and we are here to make this easier with quick and simple solutions, support and guidance.

Apart from our bespoke project management services, there are areas that we can assist – our Concierge Plus service is offered free and with no obligation.

Set Design & Production

Even the simplest stage set or wedding backdrop needs to be designed and produced; we offer useful tips on how to arrange this in different locations.

We believe that the production and decor should be an integral part of the whole so it value adds the venue and experience of guests and attendees. Keeping an open mind and being flexible can significantly enhance the experience for all.

Within Asia there are many options available onsite at locations or via outsourcing.  We work closely with suppliers in China, Hong Kong, Macau, India, and Thailand to find the most cost effective solutions.  Contact Concierge Plus for guidance and assistance on what is available in each destination.

Banqueting Needs

It is often assumed that a property has everything required in terms of tables, chairs, cloths and other banqueting items, but it is not always the case.  This should be checked prior to contract signing to avoid additional costs.

With our wide contact base and experience we look at the best solutions available within the region and assist venues, suppliers and clients to get good value and ultimately create extraordinary events.

Contact Concierge Plus for support and guidance on any banqueting needs.

Collaterals & Gifts

Welcome Packs, printed matter, and promotional gifts are an important part of many offsite events.  If planned in good time these can be sourced from the lowest cost suppliers in Asia.  Given items are customized with logos or event name, they are often exempt from duties, which can be a significant saving.

We find that many endearing memories of events come from the care and attention to detail.  Our sourcing services bring together a wide range of customized products and collaterals to assist our clients, contact Concierge Plus for some friendly advice on best sources in Asia.

Audio Visual & Technical

Many people find the technical aspects of events quite daunting, yet the sound, lighting, projection, and other technical elements are key to success.  One of the most cost effective means of creating mood and ambience is via lighting and sound effects – the equipment choices and confidence in the operating staff is paramount.

Our advice is to thoroughly check the capabilities and equipment of the venue, as well as the power availability, prior to signing contracts to save costs in the long run.  Always appoint reputable AV/Tech companies that have a good track record and ensure the event specs are comprehensive.

Concierge Plus will assist with helpful tips on managing AV/Tech in Asia.

Entertainment, Speakers & Activities

There are many considerations when looking at key components of an event programme and mistakes can be very costly in all respects.

Our advice is that quality is more important than quantity.  Events, either social or corporate, need to have momentum that creates the journey, represent the host, and respect the audience.

Our Concierge Plus service assists with advice on how to achieve the right mix within a programme with some useful ‘do’s and don’t’s’ in different locations and event types.

Photography & Film Production

There can be so many lost opportunities when using the wrong film crew and it is essential that there is reliable photographer or cameraman at events. It is often a false economy to use a low cost local photographer, although there are exceptions.

Good value is important and performance paramount – we recommend that advice is sought on choosing the right crew and that there is a clear brief as to expectations.  Concierge Plus can assist with this.

Generally our advice is to appoint a lead photographer that is trusted and known, even if this means flying them into the location; they can then appoint and manage a local team, giving greater control on-site and during the editing process. 

Event Management Training

We have trained and developed event management staff for both clients and venues, particularly to increase professionalism and skills for multi-day conferences and meetings.

Concierge Plus can assist with any enquiries.