We are experienced incentive trip organisers, recommending exciting destinations and venues and an array of activities to motivate staff, distributors and/or retailers to exceed targets and win the often ‘all expenses paid’ trip of a lifetime for both them and their spouse.

Asia is ideal as an incentive destination, due to it’s stunning venues, exceptional service and good value.  Whether beach resorts or city venues there is so much to choose from, with exotic and exciting excursions and activities to suit everyone.

We are passionate about incentive trips and those that have worked so hard to win invitations.  Special attention is always given to both the winner and their spouse to make truly memorable experiences.  We consider incentive trips to be different to corporate meetings and events, even though some of the elements are similar, it is a great opportunity for clients to say thank you to their top performers and our role is to ensure that this message is conveyed on every level at all times.

Concierge Plus for assistance in organizing your next incentive trip.

A heartfelt “thank you”…you contribute know-how, inventiveness and hard work…flawless organization.