DDK is best known for strategic global conferences and considered the market leader in the management of multi day offsite events, we take care of every element to create an environment and programme that fulfills objectives. Our focus is on long term benefits by creating powerful and impactful forums for lasting growth and strategic development.

Central to all corporate events is our client’s brand, culture and objectives, at every step of the way these are pivotal.  Our design and sets are created with these in mind, the programming critical to delivering and receiving the message, and the environment a catalyst to bring everything together.

  • The DDK signature is to ‘keep it simple’ drawing attention and focus without confusion.  Sets are distinctly clean and without distraction,
  • Event programmes are produced to create momentum, a journey, with ebbs and flows, that work on multiple psychological levels, ensuring the ‘must knows’ are crafted between the ‘should knows’ and ‘could knows.’
  • Social events have a purpose and clear objectives, allowing new ideas, partnerships and business to be forged.
  • Intelligent and well thought through workshops, keynote speakers and/or teambuilding also enhance the ‘take out’ and overall objectives.

On average it takes 20 seconds to establish an opinion, this motivates our ethos that every element, however small, is central to creating positivity and ultimate success.

We pride ourselves on carefully crafting all aspects taking attendees on a thought provoking journey of discovery and opportunity; opening minds to new perspectives and ideas.

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I really admire your meticulous planning and coordination for this mega event involving multiple vendors from different parts of the world. My Salute to you.