Hillary King | Managing Director

Rarely have I seen someone who obviously likes what she is doing as much as you do ..

Hillary is well known in Asia for the many major events she has produced over the years in addition to her work with charities.
Prior to moving to Asia in 1987 from the UK, she was a senior manager in publishing with many years at the forefront of the newspaper industry.  DDK was born out of King & Co in 2001, in partnership with designer Elizabeth Dunn and event producer Vivien Day, creating the acronym DDK.

Hillary King | Managing Director, DDK Asia

Coming from a fast paced business management and corporate training background created a solid foundation for advising and assisting clients to establish clear objectives and to produce and implement programmes that meet their goals.  In addition, Hillary had been heavily involved in both the UK and Asia with large scale charitable events, conferences and exhibitions prior to establishing King & Co and then DDK.

Initially focusing on Hong Kong events, DDK soon became a referral only project management consultancy for challenging projects that required a high level of strategic thinking, risk management and in depth knowledge.

Hillary goes beyond the traditional perception of event management and brings together both the tangible elements of great events and the care and attention at a much deeper and intangible level, always with a smile, immense energy and tireless attention to detail.

In addition to her work with charities, she is also an avid sailor in her spare time.